The workforce management application that cuts through the chaos and helps your team get work done right the first time.

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How does Curo work for you?

Eliminate chaos

Eliminate lost, disjointed & chaotic communications by consolidating all team interaction with
robust messaging.

Empower your team

In-app video, audio and photo guides enable even newbies to learn the task and sustain performance to assure every job gets done right every single time.
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Ensure work gets done

GPS and floorplan maps allow you to drop a pin precisely where the work is, and can notify you when a task is nearby.
How does it work
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Proven Results

In the most demanding environments
"The rise in accountability was instantly noticeable with CURO. Centralizing employee communication allowed us to track performance more effectively."
Group Manager
"Curo helps our project managers eliminate the usual chaos and streamline communication with our clients and team throughout the entire project,”
Regional Manager

Our Proven Process

We’ve learned from hundreds of implementations what it takes to make sure you’re successful.

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